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So the cashier said her name was Sam and then she patted me on the butt and told me to get lost and come back tomorrow.

I came back the next day and the next for a whole three weeks until I ran out of diapers, at that point I was so used to just letting go of my bladder I just did it every once and a while by accident. Oh and if you were wondering my mom didn't get back till 7 o'clock every night so I never had a problem with her. At this time I was 14 years old which is the age I am today. Then that night a brick broke through my window it had a note attached to it and I woke up screaming.

Careers dating back 1950s at bottom left from forward by journalist jon birger 96 in his home country of northern ireland, united kingdom here for holidays and enjoy everything.

If so, please enlighten the masses and tell us what you get out of this? From what I understand, it has something to do with how children were raised 40-60 years ago- boys weren't allowed to cry, they weren't allowed to be children.

They had to grow up, and be "men of the house", and be strong and masculine, immediately... They're men that, because of this lack of coddling, have become very powerful, but don't understand how to incorporate loving, physical relationships into their lives in a more 'normal' way, and so they reach to the extreme- they put themselves into a helpless mindspace, and embrace infantilism. Someone else MUST love them through the tantrums, someone MUST come ot the rescue.

I let it out and my diaper was now sopping wet about a half hour later when I was playing with his baby toys I didn't even notice until I sat down but I pooped my diaper.

When I sat down it just mushed all over my petite little butt. My Next story is when I used my bike, I was wearing a skirt, to ride down to a Brooks when I was 12. Quickly I asked the cashier where the bathroom was and she said, "Right down that hall, sweetie." Taking the diapers with me I ran to the bathroom and pulled down my panties and put the diaper on. I just sat there for a while and somehow my mind retreated and I fell asleep like a baby when I awoke 30 minutes later I felt my diaper to see that it was wet.

I know I have written many times about the cost of paper diapers.

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