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and Vauxhall did come up with a fix for it which generally works...

:thumbs: Had to do this with one of our work vans once.

I always half turn the key, wait 5 seconds and then start it. note : i didnt actually buy any I meant glow plugs lads not sparkys!

Vauxhall combo 1.3 cdti - 2007Hi, Vehicle was being driven and just lost power and stopped and now it won't start anymore. The engine now cranks okay but no sign of starting.

I have checked glow plugs and they are heating up okay on manual check however, two of the glow plugs are only being supplied with 1.7volts. could the glow plug module be at fault for the low voltage feed to these two glow plugs and could this actually prevent the engine from making an attempt to start.

I said to get new "T" pieces as well because they tend to break when pulling the pipes off - and for the price of them anyway - its god to get a good air tight seal on the new pipes -- Once you have done that job - start the van as normal - it will take some bleeding but after this job it will usually start after a minute or so cranking on the starter -- put your clutch and accelerator pedals down whilst you crank the engine in 10 secs bursts until the engine fires up.

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