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Each student creates a sentence, and the others need to build on it.I get some truly crazy stories, but they all stay in the target language! I couldn't find a Spanish version, so I had to adapt an English version.

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, observed that decision makers get stuck in a memory loop and can only predict the future as a reflection of the past.

He labels this dynamic the “narrative fallacy” – you see the future as merely a slight variation on yesterday’s news.

The high-speed scenario workshop involved three steps: 1) Identify key story elements or drivers of the STEM talent “story” to be explored; 2) conceive a plausible future by combining the elements; and 3) explore this future to understand its implications for their businesses.

Participants chose three drivers — forces that could be expected to shape the future of the life science industries: Science education, federal investment in life sciences, and private investment.

I aim to find alums with varying levels of experience (from under three years to 30 years) who work in a variety of practice settings (public defender’s office, large firm, solo practice, in-house counsel, etc.).

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