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A scuba diver ascended away from the mooring line at the shipwreck of the Sandusky, five miles west of the Mackinac Bridge and several miles from shore Sunday, and found himself in trouble.The diver drifted away from the dive boat in the strong winds of an approaching storm front.

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The boat recovered the other divers and slipped the mooring to attempt a recovery, only to suffer an engine shutdown in the building seas.

The dive boat anchored and called for Coast Guard assistance for the lost diver.

GM Scarpaci said he likes this young man’s attitude. Cameron wants to advance to the Next Level and that is college. But GM Frank Scarpaci has raised the bar this year as he wants to get his players and teams “November ready” when the season starts.

He possesses the character traits that the Eels are always looking for in building their program. Twenty-Eight days is what you would find at the Tier I and Tier II level.

Even though they serve tens of thousands of customers to Hawaii, they always go the extra mile for each of them.

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