Sorority speed dating

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When I was on Panhellenic Council, I remember struggling to watch PNMs make decisions about a chapter based on frivolous things – like a rumor Read More By Brittany White When I went through recruitment, I had no idea what the sorority women were going to ask me. I feel like every conversation surfaced around the same questions: Where are you from? are they a reflection of sorority recruitment, or words to describe the life of an 18 year-old girl?

For me, and millions of other young women, it was a reflection of both.

Looking around the room, I did what any normal person would do in my situation, try to guess which castmates had hooked up with each other. And while she didn’t “get romantical” with any of her co-stars during filming, in comparison to seemed to have been worth it, because Dorothy was excited to say that she’s now actively dating. But this experience has made me not so timid, and not so cautious when it comes to dating.

“I know people love the dating apps, and it can work, but I’ve never tried them. For me, I think it’s about being open and giving it a try.” “I’m such a perfectionist,” Dorothy admits.

We work together, play together, and get to experience #adulting together. As millennials, we are a part of the technological dating generation.

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