Somali girls dating black men

by  |  10-Jan-2020 07:07

He’s a high ranking haraam officer and he lashes out at “sisters” any chance he gets. However, when he’s alone in his room at night, he’s not so wadaad-like.

“When we were at school it was weird because people would be asking you if Somalis are black and stuff.

Some of the other kids from Jamaica and Nigeria would always cuss us about how we look different,” he said.

RACISM As well as dealing with racism from their white peers Somalis also face pressure from their fellow African Caribbean and African migrants.

Abdul Omar Rahman, a 22-year-old public service worker, from Walthamstow, east London, says he and his Somali friends faced verbal abuse from black kids, in particular, when he was growing up.

Secondly how could it be self hate if both are black if they had kids the baby will still be BLACK.

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