Software catalog needs updating

by  |  10-Jan-2020 16:43

The Service Catalog application allows you to define and manage all aspects of your service catalogs, including the ability to define the available catalog items, define specific request fulfillment workflows, and create customizable catalog portal pages.

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Provide students with a fast, federated search that leads to results that show print materials alongside digital books, websites, and databases.

Students can open e Books right from the search results, shortening the time between discovery and learning.

CAT integrates and syncs with student information systems, flags errors and provides summary reports to deliver an academic catalog website that accurately reflects an institution's programs.

Course Leaf Curriculum (CIM) is a course inventory and curriculum management platform, with customized online forms and automated workflows, designed to ensure accuracy across an institution’s courses and programs.

The ability to update plug-ins is particularly important because core Enterprise Manager features - such as Oracle Database management functionality - is now made available via plug-ins.

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