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Researchers at Brown in collaboration with the University of Cologne Germany identified a complex cause-and-effect sequence in both C. Lacking SMN disrupts the working of the protein Gemin3, which lessens the activity of a particular micro RNA needed to prevent the overexpression of a motor neuron receptor known as m2R.

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Researchers discovered that the link between the SMA and the regulation of protein translation was the Gemin3 protein.

"If you decrease the activity of these receptors, it could be beneficial," Hart said.

TIMELINE: The Deen Family The wedding ceremony was a beautiful moment, Bobby says, but now the couple will have the full-scale wedding they originally planned — a wedding that was put on the backburner after his mother became the center of public scrutiny last summer.

The drama stemmed from the controversy that exploded after Paula Deen admitted in a deposition in June to using the “N-word” several decades ago.

In early December, local celebrity chef Bobby Deen sent his new bride, Claudia, a birthday message via Facebook, and responses quickly flooded in with a resounding, “When did Bobby get married?

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