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Despite horror stories splashed across the news on the evils of sexting and the life-ruining capacity of naked pictures, Swarthmore students who use technology such as Skype and texting to have sexual interactions or exchange sexual content say they aren’t worried.

Virtual sex is a normal part of long-distance relationships for some students, though they don’t believe that sexting is necessarily widespread.

My ladybabe who I have been with/married to/cohabitating with the last six plus years has been working in global health for as long as we’ve been dating, and it’s very common in her field to have to go on jaunts out of the country for two to six weeks at a time, often multiple times a year.

Some of the things we’ll discuss in this article will be helpful for long distance honeys, but this is particularly geared toward folks that find them in a circumstance that requires a lot of time and distance from their partners on a sporadic basis.

The conversation grew sexual when John asked if Mary missed having sex with him and took his shirt off.

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