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A dark alley is, in fact, statistically safer than a college campus.These are not opinions; these are, we regret to inform you, facts.So, knowing that, going forward, let’s hope that the Kiss Cam goes the way of the dinosaurs, and in its place rises a new Vine trend that is able to prank with the best of them — trespassing on people’s personal space.

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It’s clear that Kiss Cam instigators mean no harm with their social media stunts.

From the looks of these videos, the Kiss Cam phenomenon looks like it is almost always intended to be a hilarious gag, and we’re sure most participants would be horrified if someone were to sit them down and explain to them that “forced kissing” actually falls under the the commonly accepted definition of sexual assault.

We are told by family, friends, teachers, politicians, judges, police officers, and people in the media that survivors are attacked because they did not do enough to prevent their assaults.

They must have been wearing something, they must have been saying something, or they must have been doing something that led to them being raped, harassed, groped, and/or verbally threatened.

Scroll through the list of popular You Tube personalities to see why we’ve lost all respect for them.

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