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I honestly thought that sex was something adults did only a couple of times in their lives in order to have children. The memory of that road trip when I was 14 years old came flooding back, and I realized what my dad was talking about all those years ago. My stoic German mother, usually highly composed, came undone when I told her why I was laughing.

About 20 minutes before we arrived at our destination, my dad said something like this: “Now that you are going to high school, boys are going to try to get you on the rack. Just say no.”I gazed out at Highway 33, near Ojai, California, where ugly oil derricks were dunking their heads below the earth. Two decades later, she was furious that no one had ever really talked to me about sex.

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They are Dan, Alex, and Marty, budding investment bankers at the same financial firm, which recruited Alex and Marty straight from an Ivy League campus.

When asked if they’ve been arranging dates on the apps they’ve been swiping at, all say not one date, but two or three: “You can’t be stuck in one lane …

This post is for parents of kids who are starting to be exposed to the more complicated aspects of sexuality: pleasure and romance, unplanned pregnancy, “hooking up”, heartbreak — even prostitution and pornography.

Most kids will learn about puberty, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases from their school’s sex ed program.

The summer before I started high school, unbeknownst to me, my mother tasked my father with giving me the “sex talk” on a six-hour road trip. I’ll say no,” I replied, still looking out the window.

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