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FITCHBURG – A Plymouth Street man is in jail after a woman told police that she and other women were held against their will by the man who forced them to have sex with others for money, the Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise reported. He is charged with trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, kidnapping, assault and battery and intimidation of a witness. She also said she and several other women were kept barricaded in the home against their will. Callis allowed them to go outside, he provided them cellphones that allowed him to track their whereabouts using GPS, according to the State Police report. Callis controlled the women with narcotics and threats of harm to them and their families.

2, was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing in Fitchburg District Court on April 14.

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When applying for a license, Rabies must be up to date and the “Certificate of Rabies” must be presented to the City Clerk.

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