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This was also where many acronyms we take for granted such as 'lol', 'brb' and 'ffs' (curiously not a/s/l - age/sex/location) were assimilated into everyday language. Leet speak used homoglyphs, normally numbers, to replace letters:133t 5|D34| Through-out many of the chat servers, there was an undercurrent of hacker activity - rooms dedicated to botz serving 0day serialz, mp3z, pr0n and warez as well closed rooms where you be a little more illicit with hacked servers, isp passwords and a few credit card numbers (none of which worked for me).

IRC moulded the way we use the internet, this is more apparent by the fact it's still in use today.

Executives from the company noted that in recent months, as most legitimate users have moved from chat rooms to Instant Messaging (IM) for online chat, chat rooms have increasingly been filled with inappropriate content for children.

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I agree the teens rooms have a lot of filth in them and not just by adults preying on children. restricted internet access is better then nothing at all plus it will keep them from coming into contact with harmful chatters.

I have seen discusting ads from 13 year olds asking for sex and other perversions!! Close the teen rooms or monitor them is the best thing, hosts have a way of knowing who is legit or not and can clean up the filth the kids spew in the rooms too. Parents, when are we going to step up to the plate and take action? I applaud Microsoft for their efforts to protect kids from pedophiles, child molestors and online predators.

Don’t get me wrong, Gillian is gorgeous, but the level in which this fandom sexualizes her appearance is gross.

Y'all sit here & say “Gillian is more than who she dates” well she’s also more than what she looks like!

I was a m IRC (and occasional x Chat) user on Undernet.

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