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The weight of despair tries to suffocate and drown a certain naga named Bakura, but his hope shall blossom with the protection of his guardian angel known as Atem.

Will his hope become crushed underneath the ashes left behind in the ruins of his soul or shall he prevail above them all to remain with his chosen mate?

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I was working for him as a part-time secretary and he asked me out," Serenity said.

In a desperate attempt to get Tristan and Duke to back off, Serenity grabs the arm of a random stranger and says that he's her boyfriend.

But when he needs to repay a favor, he’s going to need to trust people like he never used to, and Yami must trust himself to overcome his inner darkness.

A silent shipping one shot taking place during battle city Serenity is plagued by weird dreams and Kaiba has issue on his mind and the two meet up by chance.

He's sweet, kind, generous, charming, and funny." Joey could have burst out laughing.

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