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Life soon gets complicated for Rusty as well when he tries to balance Greek life with honors classes and friendships.

Rusty's roommate is pious Dale (Clark Duke), who chooses not to pledge a fraternity, and Rusty's new best bud is Calvin (Paul James), an athletic Greek legacy who becomes an Omega Chi brother.

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By the time she found out about the crush, he’d already given up and started to move on with a new girlfriend.

It’s the sort of not-quite-there romance that adds suspense to a new series, giving viewers a reason to invest emotionally in the characters—which is one of the reasons why having the two finally hook up was such a bold move.

Cheers (Sam Malone and Diane Chambers)The whole idea of using a “will they or won’t they” slow-burning romance as a recurring plot driver on a TV show is largely attributable to Cheers, where the five-season cycle of flirtation, consummation, and rejection between a likeable bartender and a prim waitress kept generating new stories and new viewers.

The genius of Cheers was that the writers were willing to risk alienating the audience by letting Sam become more than a little jerky once he finally hooked up with Diane.

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