Schedule updating process

by  |  08-Nov-2019 15:10

The times listed below assume Waze is functioning normally.

At the moment, normal is still below Waze's target times and this is reflected in the range of times given.

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This test is done with a standard Windows 7 WIM Image from the installation DVD and a custom Windows 7 image. Peter Peter is a Senior Consultant and Enterprise Mobility (Configuration Manager/Microsoft Intune/Enterprise Mobility Suite) MVP with CTGlobal with a primary focus on the Enterprise Client Management and Enterprise Mobility.

Writing blogs and sharing his knowlegde since 2010 on Config Mgr / Peter

With Configuration Manager 2012 you are able to service your OS Images by integrating the latest Software Updates from the Configuration Manager Console. When you want to update Windows 7 WIM files in an Configuration Manager 2007 environment, you need to use tools like DISM to update your images offline.

In Configuration Manager 2012 a real cool new feature is there to update your WIM images in the Configuration Manager 2012 console with updates that are approved in Configuration Manager 2012.

Do I need to download the Updates to the Update package before I see Updates here? Thanks in advance Cheers Michael Hi Peter, thanks for your help but you can ignore the issue now. I didn’t have a Win7 package with Updates created, therefore no Updates were available. I have an update that I need to remove from the WIM. Or do I need to copy the WIM down to my local machine alter it with DISM to remove the update and then add it back to the CM2012 environment?? Thanks Chad After applying all available updates to the image wim, and putting that image on a fresh computer, updates show that they are installed under installed updates, but still show up in software center as needing to be installed. Any ideas why the computer doesn’t think the updates are installed?

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