Sap expired useful life not updating

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You will be able to directly post (the goods receipt (GR), invoice receipt (IR), or any withdrawal from a warehouse to a fixed asset) from MM or PP to FI-AA.

The integration with FI-AR helps in direct posting of sales to the customer account.

Similarly, integration with FI-AP helps in posting an asset directly to FI-AA and the relevant vendor account in cases where the purchase is not routed through the MM module. A ‘Group Asset’ in SAP is almost like a normal asset except that it can have (any number of) sub-assets denoted by Asset Sub numbers.

You may capitalize the maintenance activities to an asset using settlements through the PM module. A ‘Complex Asset’ in SAP is made up of many master records each of which is denoted by an ‘Asset Sub number.’ It is prudent to use asset sub numbers if: 5. The concept of group asset becomes necessary when you need to carry out depreciation at a group level, for some special purposes such as tax reporting.

This account is called a contra account because it relates to an asset account.

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