Salad fingers video dating

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Additionally, we've attempted to gain David Firth's involvement through contractual employment, however due to his heavy workload, he's unable to assist in the development of this game at this time.

Despite this, at a minimum, we will continue to pursue a contract with him for voice acting on a schedule that is convenient for him.

He scarred his fingers, and his friend remarked that he had “salad fingers”.

That sparked Firth’s idea of creating this green humanoid with crazy long fingers…And there’s the “bug-eyed kid”, which was recommended by another of his friends.

Consequence of Sound was pretty into the movie, saying “those willing to let Ellison walk them through his 93-minute nightmare will find something challenging, revolting, and eminently watchable.” Dennis Harvey at was less wooed, noting how it’d led to walkouts at Sundance and equating it to “pretty much exactly like 90 minutes of a toddler sticking its stained finger in your face while giggling, ‘Looka my poopie!

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