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Hoskin’s (2013) typology of femmephobia was used to explore the occurrences of four different types of femmephobia and comparisons were made between participants as a function of their sexual identities.

The study demonstrates that femme identity is not limited to individuals in exclusively butch-femme relationships or communities and that there is an important element of agency and self-actualization associated with femme identity.

Policy strategies are those injury and violence prevention (IVP) efforts (administrative actions, incentives, resource allocations, etc.) that involve enacting, changing, or enforcing laws, regulations, procedures, or other voluntary practices of governments and other institutions.

Strategies that involve providing equipment, services, and/or information to individuals or communities for a defined amount of time and with a specific goal in mind are classified as “programs” or programmatic interventions.

Specific emphasis was placed on the process of self-identifying as femme, as opposed to being categorized as femme on the basis of gender expression.

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