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These range from an extra chromosomes (babies born as XXY, for example) to Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (in which a gene governing certain hormone receptors is missing from one arm of the X chromosome, with a wide variety of physical results).But, as Callahan exhaustively details in the book, human sex is determined by an enormous number of factors – both genetic and hormonal – and even the smallest discrepancy during the development process can cause a difference from conventional physical gender norms.

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Per questo, spesso l'omoerotismo può sfuggire alla censura.

Il materiale omoerotico può, nonostante tutto, essere più potente della pornografia, dato che spesso è richiesta dell'immaginazione per renderli esplicitamente eccitanti.

Today the story of Caster Semenya, the South-African sprinter who’s been at the center of a gender controversy since her surprising win at the World Athletics Championships, has taken a heart-wrenching turn.

After doubts emerged that Semenya was really a woman – prompted by her ambiguous appearance, and tests showing elevated testosterone levels — she was tested (possibly without her consent) by the IAAF.

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