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Blue” and “RWBY,” will soon release its first feature film, “Lazer Team.” Matt Hullum, Rooster Teeth CEO and UT alumnus, directed the movie, which stars studio regulars Michael Jones and Gavin Free, along with co-founder Burnie Burns.

Hullum said the movie will retain Rooster Teeth movies’ trademark strain of outrageous humor. After discovering a race of evil aliens preparing to invade Earth, the government commissions a power suit set meant for a Champion of Earth to wield.

Announcer (Jeremy Dooley): IT'S TIME FOR A ROOSTER TEETH THROWDOWN! It's true, I've been known To flub my way through a line But you can blame the 50 things More important on my mind Why don't I waste time with your shit?

Verse 1: Geoff Ramsey Well, Jack It's finally time To settle scores on the open floor Of bustin' rhymes So I thought of going light But now I'm losing the gloves To drop a bearded bitch harder Than the Corpirate does You joke that I'm never around Yeah, I caught word of it I'm busy running Let's Play Have you heard of it?

Because as Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of Rooster Teeth says, “It’s weird if you’re a gamer at this point.

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