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Madison will be filming the candy necklace launch for her new E!

reality TV series, “Holly’s World.” Sugar Factory isn’t your average sweet spot.

Kim Kardashian, the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears are now endorsing their very own Couture Pops, and are just part of the buzz that has made Sugar Factory a national media sensation in People, OK!

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As a result, I seem to always find myself splurging on clothing and accessories, but I also love a great spa day. I really appreciate different types of foods and flavors, so I am constantly trying new restaurants.

But, my favorite part about going out to eat is enjoying the great food with friends!

Though not really a band, PCD are a group that have sometimes seen their membership rise and fall faster than an index on Wall Street - as women arrive, then quit soon after. Why is there such a high turnover of women in The Pussycat Dolls? Though a talented dance troupe and quite popular, the Dolls lacked a good singing dimension that Robin Antin felt might turn them into a .

What is The Pussycat Dolls live in concert or produced in studio are successful – no matter what way you look at it, with just 2 albums to their credit - yet to many the rise to success is a mystery too. Antin decided to develop them into a killer Girl Group that increasingly looked and sounded different and better than anyone else, thanks majorly to help from Gurus Jimmy Lovine, Ron Fair and a group of excellent song-writers and others.

People wonder who is behind this awesome group of women? The Pussycat Dolls consists of Nicole Scherzinger - singer Melody Thornton - singer Ashley Roberts – dancer & singer Jessica Sutta – dancer & singer Kimberly Wyatt – dancer & singer Carmit Bachar – dancer & singer.

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