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Most Reformed churches which trace their history back to Scotland are either presbyterian or congregationalist in government.

To honor and celebrate places of special significance in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition in America, the Presbyterian Historical Society established the American Presbyterian and Reformed Historic Sites Registry.

Please note that the Registry is now closed, and no nominations for additions are accepted.

Further information on historic sites can be found in the society's publications, On Holy Ground and On Holy Ground II. Louis to attend Big Tent (July 6–8, 2017) or the 223rd General Assembly (June 16–23, 2018) should check out our interactive map of Registry sites in and around St.

Although French Calvinists (Huguenots) shared in the early fur trade, non-Catholics were officially barred from New France until the British conquest.

Early Scottish and other settlers brought Presbyterianism to the Maritimes and central Canada in the late 18th century.

All Christian churches of the "Reformed" tradition derive from the 16th-century Protestant Reformation and from Calvinism.

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