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A recent e Marker report shows that one in four people worldwide will have used social media networks in 2013, which accounts for approximately 1.73 billion people.

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A number of domains were successfully obtained by trademark owners from other registrants through this policy; some of the more controversial cases, where generic words were taken over based on trademark claims in a process deemed "reverse hijacking" by critics domain pointing to different IP addresses depending on the specific DNS configuration of a client computer.

For this reason, the domain's registry, Neu Star, requires that a DNS server be officially registered with them on their list of approved DNS servers before a domain registrar may register it in the WHOIS database.

So I had another date last night with date guy #2, aka the cancer center dude. He decided it was make fun of cancer patients (aka me) night from 10-12 last night, but it was place near the spa I usually go to.

It was pretty good, we were totally keeping them open though, they turned off the open sign when our food came, ha ha. The best part of my date was that I had given him a project since he travels for work most of the week and stays in hotels...

مردم ایران امروز به روشنی مشاهده می کنند که از سوی نهادی که قرار است به بسط عدل و عدالت در کشور بپردازد و پیگیر فساد و حقوق پایمال شده مردم باشد به محض مورد پرسش قرار گرفتن اعمال رییس آن به غیرقانونی ترین برخوردها روی می آورد و حتی مصونیت حقوقی نماینده مجلس در چهارچوب همین نظام برای انجام وظایف قانونی خود را هم نمی پذیرد و برای خاموش کردنش دست به اقدامات ناپخته می زند.

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