Ranting on dating

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I think about this from time to time - every time Mike posts something and it reminds me that 'we' have a blog that I haven't written anything for in a long-ass time - and I don't have any one good reason as to what has kept me away.So, I'll write you a list of all of the reasons, because if I remember correctly, you LOVE lists! My kids: these two are the main reasons for the blog.My sluttiness: this topic is super boring and non-existent lately.

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We’ve all heard about the bad behaviour of men who date online: the married ones just out for casual sex, the ‘successful businessmen’ who turn out to be minicab drivers and the ‘spontaneous risk takers’ who are, in truth, crashing bores.

Carleton Smith, 55, is a divorced private chef from Chilham, Kent. But, by that point, I’d been internet dating for two years and had been told one lie too many. I began online dating six months after my wife Christabel and I separated five years ago.

Some of you may not know me because you became a Pair-Ranting fan within the last thirteen months, during which time I've contributed approximately J-A-C-K to the blog.

I won't go into the details of who I am or why I'm suddenly appearing, and writing in your favorite Michael Bairdsmith blog no less, because frankly it really doesn't matter. Just buckle up for a quick sec while I catch those who vaguely remember me up on my life. First of all, yes, I am a terribly assholey slacker.

How I got my old blog migrated here and up and running is a straight up miracle you guys!

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