Racism dating online

by  |  07-Dec-2019 23:53

The New York Times did an interesting story on Michelle Obama’s mixed-racial ancestry (h./t.

Jessica), one that is also revealing of the unwillingness of most whites to fully face and thoroughly assess the rape and sexual coercion of black women by white men–likely hundreds of thousands of times, over 350 or so years of our 400 year history.

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But some people have said a common assumption made by people sharing the video online — that the woman seen pursing the children is hired help — is racist.

Even some media misidentified Professor Robert Kelly's South Korean spouse, Jung-a Kim, as a child minder, and numerous members of the public joked that "the nanny" had probably been fired for the mishap.

But Mr Kelly's mother, Ellen, 72, has since confirmed that Ms Kim is in fact her daughter-in-law, and the two children's mother.

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