Queer dating blog when should i remove my online dating profile

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I have several people’s nsfw sections saved right now To everyone: Im so sorry i’ve been so inactive! I’ve been so busy with graduation stuff and college stuff and finding a house and all that I havent had much time for this blog, which is why I’m adding 3 new mods soon! I’m sure as this grows we’ll need more help and stuff (remember to message me if you would like to remove your mod application though! your romantic orientation: nonmansexual (every gender except men)Keep reading1.

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OKCupid It's a free site that connects LGBT singles.

To people who have submitted mod applications: I have sent messages to the 3 mods I accepted (over skype or tumblr)If you didn’t get a message don’t be too upset!

(if they accept of course)I’ll have them introduce themselves to you when I add them on and hopefully with them around things wont get so slow around here Thank you all for being patient with me and i hope you are all having lovely days/nights!

your pronouns: They/them, Hae/hem/hez/hemself, Ve/vaer/vir/virs/vaerself, ze/zem/zir/zirs/zemself5. I dont see any rules for ages, and I also didn’t see a way to tell someone’s age so I’m not sure what the age range there is!

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with being bisexual.

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