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The ultimate purpose of the site is to enable people to get in touch online with professional tarot and psychic readers who have a range of skills from working with spirit guides to crystal balls.

Whether you need a specific question answering or are simply after some general advice, by consulting a clairvoyant reader you may get the guidance and clarity required to proceed.

She has a renowned reputation of being able to communicate with horses, not to simply ‘tell what they’re thinking’ but rather as a means of healing and cementing the connection between animal and owner. That’s a question our panel has wrestled with in their deliberations for this list.

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Universal Psychic Guild is a world wide organization devoted to making your life happier and more successful.

Universal Psychic Guild knows how important it is to find true love.

One of the most rewarding, yet challenging aspects of my work is to offer inspirational solutions concerning friendships and relationships.

As the love goddess, I have very much enjoyed exploring terrains that can potentially nurture love and meaningful interaction.

Taking all the various ingredients into the equation, my social gatherings are aimed towards providing both spontaneous and intuitive possibilities where meetings and friendships are concerned. Utilising a vast range of intuitive and clairvoyance techniques, I offer expert advice and guidance on all matters including love, finance, career, family and spiritual development.

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