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Max OSX also uses very very similar file system attributes due to it’s roots coming from BSD.

*Nix based operating systems have a few core elements that work together with permissions that come into play in different scenarios.

plex library not updating-9

X-Plex-Token=tokenhere) So in /conf/services/I set :host=172-19-64-45.9ff6bf756548baef87cb7595658directport=32400refresh=5000token=tokenhere I also retrieved my Rasplex Device ID and set the items file like the Wiki.

Here is the Open HAB logs in loop: [DEBUG] [bind] - Trying to locate org/openhab/binding/plex/internal/communication/[DEBUG] [ Message [email protected] pairs: Origin: 172-19-64-45.9ff6bf756548baef87cb7595658direct:32400[id: 0x74a4b9b0, null : 172-19-64-45.9ff6bf756548baef87cb7595658direct/1.400][DEBUG] [.internal.

Plex Connector] - [172-19-64-45.9ff6bf756548baef87cb7595658direct]: Websocket error: Invalid Status Code 401[DEBUG] [.internal.

Plex Connector] - [172-19-64-45.9ff6bf756548baef87cb7595658direct]: Websocket error: Invalid Status Code 401[DEBUG] [oviders.netty.

A premium version of the service, called Plex Pass, is also available and offers advanced features like file synchronization with mobile devices, access to cloud storage providers, up to date and high quality metadata and matchings for music, multi-users mode, parental controls, access to high quality trailers and extras, wireless synchronization from mobile devices to the server, access to discounts on partner products and early access.

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