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To avoid any risk when downloading File Zilla, we recommend that you only download File Zilla from the official File Zilla website or from Source Forge, the official download partner of File Zilla and many other open source projects.

Unique Local Address (ULA) space in IPv6 is analogous to private address space in IPv4.

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We do not condone these actions and are taking measures to get the known offenders removed.

Note that we cannot in general prevent tainted versions on third-party websites or prove their authenticity, especially since the File Zilla Project promotes beneficial redistribution and modifications of File Zilla in the spirit of free open source software and the GNU General Public License.

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IPv6 does not suffer the scarcity issues of IPv4 and was designed to restore the endpoint-to-endpoint communications model originally intended for the Internet Protocol. While NAT functions may provide a sense of security by filtering and hiding internal addresses, IPv6 address footprinting is much more difficult given the sheer size of IPv6 space.

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