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Having an extensive art and movie scene, there are several museums worth visiting and festivals or fairs are held almost every week during the dry season.

The culinary experience ranges from traditional Panamanian dishes to international cuisine.

We would like to take this opportunity to address some specific misconceptions about our work and clarify the inaccuracies that are rife in the recent media reports.

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Moreover, it is legal and common for companies to establish commercial entities in different jurisdictions for a variety of legitimate reasons, including conducting cross-border mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, estate planning, personal safety, and restructurings and pooling of investment capital from investors residing in different jurisdictions who want a neutral legal and tax regime that does not benefit or disadvantage any one investor.

El Tamborito, literally translated to “the Little Drum”, is a genre of Panamanian folkloric music and dance dating back as early as the 17th century.

The Tamborito is performed in formal costumes in front of large, interactive crowds that form a large circle around the performers.

The members of such crowds often participate in the percussion of the song as well as the actual dance itself.

Panama was chosen as the 2003 American Capital of Culture jointly with Curitiba, Brazil.

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