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Otherwise, to do so further encourages the climate of impunity that perpetuates wrongful action because the wrongdoers are not held accountable or punished. Gascon also challenged Dela Rosa to "undertake a full audit of all places of detention under the control of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to ensure no other cases akin or similar to what was uncovered in Manila Police District (MPD) Station 1 exists as I am concerned that this may not be an isolated incident." "We welcome his call to the CHR to conduct other jail visits and are prepared to work with the PNP in undertaking this full review & audit of all places of detention.

We hope we might be able to meet with him on this and other matters of common concern at the soonest possible time as he has thus far ignored our request from months back to meet in order how we might all explore ways & means to guarantee that all human rights to all persons are guaranteed at all times such as when law enforces conduct their operations," he said.

But, he said, Jee, who supplied manpower to online casino games, refused to pay them.

He said some foreigners operating online gaming business in Pampanga, where Jee was based, regularly paid protection money to rogue NBI officials.

MANILA - Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairman Chito Gascon on Saturday criticized Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald ' Bato' Dela Rosa for questioning the motive of a CHR team's inspection of a Manila jail which led to the discovery of a secret cell holding 12 people.

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