Paid dating sites were recently sued for massive fraud introduction online dating email

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The Freemanart Consultany specialise solely in art authentication and art fraud investigations and see more FAKE Pablo Picasso drawings, watercolours and oil paintings than any other artists fakes. Faking in China dates from at least the Sung Dynasty (960-1280) when the wealthy began to collect art.

Forged paintings were mostly made by students seeking to imitate the masters. The stone carvers lead the way in commercially forgery, faking works of art by imitating Greek and Roman master craftsmen and creating sculptures which could and were to be sold to the rich as authentic antiques!

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“He also copied drawings of the old masters so perfectly that his copies could not be distinguished from the originals, since he smoked and tinted the paper to give it an appearance of age.

He was often able to keep the originals and return the copies in their stead.” Manufactured fake heads of Greeks and Romans passing them off as authentic. His only original works are the statues of Faith and Religion for the tomb of Paul IV in S.

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