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From the standpoint of an application that is interested in processing only the XML data, that is a good thing because the application is never bothered with white space that exists purely to make the XML file readable.

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Stylus Studio is the only XML IDE to provide seamless XML validation support for XSV.

This is important because other tools vendors rely on their own proprietary XML Schema implementations.

There are really two different kinds of developers.

Those that want to embed Daffodil into an application, and those who want to contribute to Daffodil itself. If you want to embed Daffodil into some other system so that you can parse data using DFDL schemas to describe the format, then you can develop in Java or in Scala. Please also see Quick projects to get started contributing to Daffodil as there are some very cool projects that really just require you to use Daffodil from its API.

Spring Tools Suite and Eclipse have a variety of built-in and free plugins matching or exceeding the quality of the paid versions.

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