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I work long hours and my I am an honest and gentle natured person, who loves all things creative. Expecting to describe yourself in '3000 characters'....impossible Well I guess I will start with my intersts and go on from there! )especially love GOLF, FISHING and CRICKET, Music (any type), Reading, actually I am interested in just about everything - there is nothing I wont try. ) I am a fat high femme generally but not exclusively attracted to femme women. Newish to Canberra & on here looking to make some gal pals to do some active/fun stuff with and just to hang out with for a casual coffee or games/movie night occasionally! For me the most important things in my life 29 year old, Lesbian, Single.I’m kind of a hippy in disguise, as I love crystals and meditation but I also like going out socializing and having an occasional drink and dancing. Good looks will catch my eye but a good personality will catch my heart..... I work as a librarian and in my free time like to write and chat about fandom with my friends online. (ALSO POTENTIALLY LOOKING FOR A GARAGE SALING ACCOMPLICE..I: LIVE: in a house I bought on my own a few years ago AM: insatiable / recently single and looking to date / too old for my own good and find people who are young at heart hard to relate to / passionate about most Feme, quirky and outgoing, love music, art, markets, graffiti, having fun, laughter, people, hula hooping, Burlesque, science, gardening and cooking. From Canberra, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Here for Dates, A relationship, New friends, Friendship with other couples, Casual encounters, Chats, Networking Hi- Thanks for dropping by. But I also enjoy Russian lit, classical sci-fi (French, American), I read in French, in English, I struggle with I'm a lot of things, and a bit of a chameleon really. And I really like my dogs, science fiction, philosophy, movies, being active, cooking (for other people), books, music (singing and Sorry ladies as a basic member i am unable to reply..being rude :( Love to go out to a live band..enjoy a few casual drinks .

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Whether you’re looking to meet bisexual women, casual hookups, make new friends, or stable relationships, here are our reviews of the best bisexual female websites right now.

Bi Cupid is undoubtedly the leader in terms of bisexual women dating websites.

Tracy Garcia, a femme queer woman of color, says she had trouble connecting with other women online even when she made her disinterest in men clear."When I was using Ok Cupid I had a hard time meeting other womxn [sic] and was constantly hit up by dudes, even if I put that I was a lesbian — which was an issue because I only had the option of selecting lesbian or bi, which are both hella limiting," Garcia wrote in a message to "Lesbians tend to use social media to be more, well, social.

That means holding out for the first few dates anyway, in stark contrast to those gay men for whom 'date' means 'fuckfest this Friday.'"According to Exton, it takes an average of seven days for DAATCH users to meet in person, and within those seven days, users engage in three conversations on average.

For the young and straight, there are Tinder and Ok Cupid; for the gay male community, Grindr and Scruff.

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