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Residents soon relocated inland to a drier location.

Open May-September, Crow Creek Mine is the last remaining 1898 Gold Rush placer mine in the area. The Resurrection Pass Trail What is now the Resurrection Pass Trail once was the main route for the fortune seekers landing in Seward's Resurrection Bay.

Females molt to sexual maturity and mate in the softshell condition while grasped by the male.

Older hardshelled females are also mated by adult males, but in the absence of a male they are capable of producing an egg clutch with sperm stored from a previous mating.

Get a real feel for this gold rush country by hiking the 22.5 miles from Crow pass to the Eagle River Nature Center, north of downtown Anchorage.

The original town site was founded on Turnagain Arm near the mouth of Glacier Creek.

) are brachyuran (meaning short-tailed) or true crab and constitute some of the most highly specialized of all crustaceans.

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