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He and his wife split up after "she turned into a completely different person," which either means things fell apart (as 50 percent of marriages do) or she was secretly a blood-sucking shapeshifter.

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"It's like a personal marketing company," Kavich tells Daily RFT of her new venture Profile Wingman.

Louis native Nanci Neuman Kavich, who is promoting a new kind of service aimed at helping those struggling to find love on the Internet. A kind of modern-age Cupid, Kavich may not be able to connect you to your soulmate, but she can increase the odds.

Right after purchasing I was emailed 2 videos, the infield footage and Evil Dave's After Game (LTR tips).

The infield footage was just under 34 minutes in length, it showed 2 scenes, one of which was the white party which anyone who has watched You Tube has seen this one.

It’s like he discovered that women are actually people!

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