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It is planned to broadly celebrate the birthday of the First President of the country on January 30 annually, and designate September 2 as the Memory Day of the First President.

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The nature will make you surprise with her great variety: hot and majestic sands of the Kyzyl-Kum desert, where went ancient caravans of the Great Silk Road, amazing mountain system of Tien-Shan and Pamir, lifeless steppe and deserts are changing with oasis where growth cotton and figs, rise and grapes.

Green valleys surrounded by the mountain ranges, covered with white snows.

This event was held in the form of open seminar and was attended by graduates of vocational colleges, unorganized youths and young entrepreneurs.

In the years of independence, more than 1100 kilometers of railways have been laid and 4 thousand kilometers have been modernized in Uzbekistan.

Exactly here was the Great Silk Road, jointed China, India, Central Asia, Iraq, and also countries of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

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