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Those deemed employees will be paid minimum wage, plus bonuses including commissions of at least 20% on their private dances and drink sales, and receive club support to pay for employment-related expenses such as the purchase and cleaning of costumes and payment of required local license fees.

The dancers can also choose whether to share in a $1-million cash payment pool or instead share in a $4.5-million pool that will credit them for rent and dance fees paid to the clubs.

The Mesa de Plata target was initially identified by analyzing soil geochemical sampling which showed a clear and strong silver anomaly at the site.

This was followed by the drilling program which confirmed silver mineralisation within the vuggy siliceous capping layer.

However, before I get to our correspondence I’ll outline a little bit about why I’m so bullish towards Azure Minerals. To give you another look at the deposit, I’ve included a preliminary schematic long section from the same September announcement below.

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