video on dating - No more frogs dating

by  |  29-Jan-2020 19:27

If you are married, it is time to stop using patience as a method to get your spouse to change and to start creating the changes in your relationship that you want to happen.

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But the other side of this is the feeling of dread that boomers frequently have, anticipating another in a long line of disappointing first dates.

Your prior dating experiences suggest you're going to have to do a lot more frog smacking before you meet someone special, but even that doesn't guaranty success.

Maybe there really is a patriarchy, and I've just never been invited to their annual meet-up.

It's a testosterone-jacked cabal of dudes smoking cigars plotting how to reinforce absurd, medieval wish fulfillment fantasies in women.

Give us Angelina Jolie in a black cocktail dress pumping a shotgun any day.

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