Newlywed dating game questions

by  |  20-Oct-2019 15:35

Ask the husbands a question and have them write it down on their laminated answer sheets.

Then, bring the wives back & ask them the same question. The game continues with asking more questions but this time you will send the This date night can easily be adapted to play as a couple and is, believe me, JUST as fun!

Showering your bride but don’t want to forget about the groom?

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Then, you can have them return and try to guess your response.

You and the other first respondents can head to that other room while your spouses answer the second five questions.

It was the sweetest 🙂 It really wasn’t too hard to do and you could really do it yourself! 2) If you could be any superhero, what superhero would you be?

Or better yet…hire me 🙂 haha Here’s a few photos of the bride playing along with the DVD. 3) If your bride could only bring one item on your honeymoon, what would she bring? 7) What would the bride say is your most annoying habit?

We then showed the video at her bridal shower and had Dianna answer the questions before we showed his answers. It was so nice to incorporate the groom without him actually being there.

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