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" / is a popular British comedy series that features lots of slapstick humor and running gags.While it's pretty mild, some of the sketches feature non-sexual bare bottoms (which aren't always blurred), and drinking.Gags occasionally lead to some crashes and bumps, but no one is seriously hurt, and while he doesn't talk much, rude hand gestures are almost made. BEAN (1990-1995) is a British sketch comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson as Mr.

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This Joke Starts With a Young Lady Bringing Her Fiancee Home After a dinner in which a young lady introduces her fiancee to her parents, her mother instructs her father to go on a fact-finding mission...

Three Women, Their Partners and Their Sexy Get-Ups (RUDE) Three women are discussing how to spice up things in the bedroom with the respective men in their lives. Hilarious: Social Security Never Got a Letter Like This When social security received this letter from a certain Colin, they concurred that it was the most outrageous (and hilarious) letter they had ever been sent. Pastor Pays Visit To Parishioner A pastor pays a visit to an elderly parishioner of his to see how she was doing.

I'm not a big Benny Hill fan, but he did occasionally feature some good old-fashioned music-hall comedy that I liked. Bean, however, is simply a mime without the whiteface. Benny seems like a lovable ol' perv while Bean's skits are a bit more developed and build on each other. I particularly think the actor that is NOT supposed to laugh but begins to laugh in his skit is much funnier to watch then either of the guys mentioned above. Bean just never interested me that much (though I'll agree that Blackadder is entirely a different story) Benny Hills perverted guy routines did get quite shopworn and could be more than a bit icky but some of his songs were birlliant Phyllis Diller was a babe before she started to dress like a bad drag act for her show. " I like Benny Hill better than Rowan Atkinson, though Rowan CAN be absolutely brilliant in small doses. Benny Hill almost always played a loser, a poor sap who never had a prayer of making it with the girls he drooled over! Now, Monty Python--they keep you on your toes, never knowing what will come next.

Bean (but I think Blackadder is much better.) I never could stand Benny Hill--and pretty much for the reason your wife mentions, Phlosphr--that dirty old man routine just seems so icky when he did it. His comedy seems to be written for every move and comment he makes. His show was a little risque and worth the watching. Sure, he ogles youg ladies and lusts after them, but he never actually scores with them. Originally posted by chappachula Nobody in all of human history has ever returned a dead parrot to a pet store.

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