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by  |  27-Jan-2020 07:45

What do soap operas, football and the color wheel all have in common? Turns out, there’s more to what you see on the field than you might think.

A KU spokesperson said the names would be on the backs of the Crimson Chrome uniforms when they're worn this fall.

As you can see, the players seem to like them a lot and have not missed any of the little details that make them unique.

There are plenty of players and plenty of programs out there that would do just about anything to have this kind of flare to their gameday gear and so many options at that.

It's tough to get away with a pink kit, even in Europe.

As supplies started to arrive, in the form of Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, Brown was able to exhibit his coaching abilities, never more so than last January when his club won two-thirds of their 15 games.

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