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Despite launching over a year ago, today Octa Coin’s value is 0.0000025 BTC (virtually worthless).

Nano Coin will go down the same path, despite the same hype promises trotted out again by Crypto 888 Club and Octa Partners affiliates.

The supplier must provide you with specific information related to your rights and their obligations under a distance selling contract.

You mean the one where she became a bukkake slave for Rex Morgan, M. I fondly remember he draw a story about a redheaded family meeting at a log cabin for some big time incest orgy covered up as some anual fishing trip. Other ones I like: asian twin brothers who are horny for each other, blonde brothers camping, black father and son who play with sex toys togetherr55, the camping trip one is hot. You're just too busy clutching your pearls to admit it.

Personally I wished that there would be some sequels available from that one. it features three generations on sex (grandfather, fathers, sons). I could do without the watersports, but the rest is hot. Like screwing the pool boy, the cable guy, hazing ritual or prison rape.

i wish Josman would do another "Wild and Raunch Son" but I'm not sure how much further he could go with it, having drawn the father & son and then the father & brother. They're depicted as being of legal age, and its JUST A CARTOON. It looks and sounds hot in theory/fantasy fiction, but in reality it's just so not hot.

I love Josman's cartoons, but the idea having sex with my jerk of a father (he's dead anyway) or my cousins turns my stomach upside down.

It was the boom time, and airlines were ordering new planes by the hundreds.

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