Miley cyrus and cole sprouse dating who is doug e fresh dating

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So I wish them the best.” When pressed, he agreed that the two probably have a “special relationship” off-screen. “You just hear them talking to each other like they’ve been best friends for 20 years. It doesn’t sound like Skeet has all of the information either, but his testimony does confirm what we already knew: that Lili and Cole definitely share a special bond.

, both brothers went off to New York University and were just normal college guys.

Those who follow the siblings on Twitter will know how often they troll each other online.

And instead of publically congratulating his bro about his new role, Cole said this: “Hey can you return my f*cking t-shirts too?

They are twins and are referred to as the Sprouse brothers or Sprouse Bros.

Their first major theatrical film role was in the 1999 comedy, Big Daddy, in which they co-starred with Adam Sandler.

Although not much is known about their relationship, we do know that they dated for a year from 2007 to 2008. Bree Morgan — As far as anyone knows, things are still going strong between Cole and Bree.

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