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On the newsgroups, the noromos could no longer ignore which way the wind was blowing. Some looked for reassurance: “The day Scully and Mulder kiss, or Scully has an on the screen romance or bedroom scene, is the day I stop watching X-files forever, burn every piece of x-files memorabilia I have, assassinate Christ Carter, bomb Fox studios, and drop a nuke on Vancouver.

You've been together for years, raised kids and pets. As months drift into years, you realize: You're in a sexless marriage.

So before we settle in to watch Mulder and Scully reunite — in every way, if we’re lucky — we’re revisiting the moments from their original relationship arc that drove fans wild, along with some choice reactions from the bowels of Web 1.0. When they turn out to be just mosquito bites, she hugs him with relief.

If people weren’t wondering yet whether these two might eventually end up seminude together, they were certainly thinking about it after this. Season Three: Bickering in “Syzygy.” By now, fans had definitely noticed the agents’ chemistry and were clamoring for some Mulder-Scully lovin’. “If S&M *didn’t* want each other, they might have fallen into each other’s arms in this ep because they were both doing things that they normally wouldn’t want to do (i.e., drinking, smoking, fighting with each other),” wrote a newgroup poster.

An update explaining the We had been working under crunch conditions for the past three weeks, and going into today we all felt confident that we could release a game to you.

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