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There is a scene of implied sex (couple in bed, sheets up, arms showing), and one f-bomb, nothing they don't hear by age 12 in school. And didn't find the press secretary story line jarring at all, more comedic break that keeps the story from being too sweet.The color red represents the .blood of the people who have died for their country, the white color represents the purity of the country, and the black represents the so called dark days of the country. The population is growing at a rate of (3.0%) per annum; the male populations constitute percentage of 50.99% of the total population.

Other forms of greeting are al-kheir (Good morning) or Masaa al-khier (Good evening) which are answered with sabah an-nur or masa an-nur.

The handshake is commonly used among same sex, especially when meeting foreigners.

The female population constitute percentage of 49.01% of the total population Salam aleikum,(Peace be upon you) is an Islamic expression, use to express greeting to friends at large.

Yemenis demonstrate their brotherly ties by embracing and kissing each other, among same sex.

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