Married dating as seen on oprah speeddatingenligne com

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Oprah was worth $1.4 billion in 2006 and she can easily makes the amount of money she spent on her girlfriend’s new apartment in interest.

(It would take about two months assuming a 5% interest rate and about a billion in the bank.) These two have denied repeated rumors that they’re more than just friends, with Oprah promising us that she’d tell us if something were going on, and saying that people just don’t understand a long-lasting deep friendship between two women.

You know what Iice I was going to say that and I didn't want to turn this thread into a crying session because rape is real to some people on this thread still. Some NL feminazi might come here and call you misogynist. When a woman says she's been out with only three guys, multiply it by at least 2. I don't knw d kind of Nigerian women D poster hangs out with.

Yes, she was raped by a cousin and she forgave him 25 years later. It's what they feel "safe" they tell you and that includes Oprah herself. There so many Nigerian Ladies dat have dated not more than 3 guys and they are over 25.

Tesh confirmed the tidbit to the New York Daily News after word got out that a new biography on Winfrey alleged the pair once lived together.

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