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“My mom in grave, and she’s just enjoying her life,” Ford said.

Soon after the murder, investigators said Nasyrova fled from Russia and moved to New York as a wanted woman.

Events that viewers are generally aware of can be made suspenseful if the atmosphere and characters contain depth and nuance. Early installments cut back and forth between the hunt for Kaczynski, who is played by Paul Bettany, as it heated up in the mid- ’90s, and a series of confrontations the imprisoned Unabomber has before his planned trial.

Sam Worthington plays Jim Fitzgerald, a rogue profiler whose unconventional ideas about linguistics analysis helped the FBI find the bomb maker.

There’s no tension derived from the cat-and-mouse chase when the Unabomber sits in a prison cell or an interrogation room for much of the proceedings, quietly heaping scorn on the agents who caught him.

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