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Wuori, out of nowhere and wielding a deadly weapon: his vision of our's the raw.Like Thomas Pynchon, Robert Coover, Mark Richard, Lewis Nordan, Wuori doesn't care to mollycoddle the reader.The National Weather Service says up to 2 more feet of snow could fall on the region.

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After two go-rounds, would you ever do the show again?

One day I picked between 200 and 300 ticks off my body. I spiked a 103-degree fever and had to go see an infectious-disease specialist in Philadelphia. Reptiles are a heck of a lot easier to catch than moose or squirrels.

A Harrison native, Holt previously tamed the Florida Everglades with aplomb on the regular, 21-day edition of about the ups and downs of the show, his survival ethic, and the texture of lizard meat. It’s a different approach than a lot of other people bring to the show.

You left a sign in the Everglades that read “Thrive.” You have that word tattooed on your back and printed on your license plate. I don’t like the word “survival.” Some contestants manage to survive by lying around and conserving energy.

Gulf Hagas Gorge, located along the Pleasant River, can easily be reached from Bangor. Continue traveling north to RT 11, then travel west on Katahdin Iron Works Road.

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